Social Media is the newest frontier for public relations  in the Internet Age. It allows for direct engagement with the consumer and cultivates a relationship over time. There is no formula for a perfect social media strategy, because new platforms are development and our user experience with each platform changes over time. However, the three pillars of social media success remain constant: High-quality Content, Time Relevance, and Audience Engagement.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY : Developing monthly, quarterly, and yearly strategies that engage time based narratives and holidays, engage your specific audience and demographic, and plans for consistent and reliable content.
  • CONTENT PRODUCTION : Providing photography, videography, and copywriting services to produce quality content that is relevant to your brand and message.
  • MANAGEMENT : Schedule and publish posts for your personal and/or professional handles.
  • COACHING AND CONSULTING : Presentations one-on-one or even large audiences, giving you insight into the latest trends, successful case studies, new technologies (VR/live/etc.), and other tools to give you the competitive advantage in the digital frontier.  Review your content and use analytics to determine what works best.