INT: PROJECTOR SHOT: Couch in Living room (gallery) projected on. NEED: FOG / HAZE MACHINE.

EXT: Street Art Alley Shot, near gallery. Virtual Reality Experience.


"Creating a neural lace is the thing that really matters for humanity to achieve symbiosis with machines." -Elon Musk June 4, 2016

Hello and Welcome to NEUROLynx

Stage One: Simple out-patient procedure.

System includes dual-ocular implants, prenatal cortex implant, and cerebellum implant. 

NEUROLynx is a synthetic lace fabric that is comprised of gold, silicon, and your naturally-derived DNA.

Upon completion of mandatory training, further stages of augmented interlaces can be installed to other neurological regions.



NEUROLynx is a progressive augmented intelligence system. 

Stage one Beta experience now available for select 144 human trials.

Explore the wonder of possibility - and enjoy a guaranteed six-figure salary for a third of the standard time rate. 

Chosen specimens will receive free medical implementations but must attend a 12 week training camp.