SVQ Day 3- Sedona

Sedona - the city of vortexes. You can immediately feel the spirally energy as you drive through the town. There's no stop sign crossroads and instead about two dozen round abouts on the main road. I arrived at nightfall and took a leisurely cruise throughout the village. Art galleries , psychics , metaphysical stores, and beautiful homes enclosed within a red rock mountain backdrop- a magical stage.  


I drove past some galleries to peer into the windows at their displays. I'd love to show work here and want to find the perfect spot. I pass by one and find a bar behind it called The Full Moon Saloon. I pulled into the completely empty bar to grab a beer and utilize the wifi.  The bartender is a super nice woman and I feel compelled to ask her what her creative passion is. She shows me her purse that she made out of an old pair of cowboy boots. I'm always delighted to see people using their creative energy into such a range of products. 


I leave the bar in search of Bell Rock - one of the four main vortexes of energy in the town. Driving closer I felt a rush of electricity tingle down the back of my neck and down my spine. I felt the subtle hum of the atmosphere around me. I parked and got out of my car near the Bell Rock.  




I awoke to the sunrise peaking through the mountain tops. These red mountains are incredible and Bell Rock was an astounding megalith to witness. I read about the Sedona vortexes , and one of the signifiers is the Juniper Trees.  


They say that the Junipers are especially receptive to the swirling vortex energy , and will grow in a spiral pattern accordingly. The especially twisty ones show you where the highest frequency resides. 


I had a beautiful morning hike - refreshed and inspired. I stopped to take a picture for an older couple who was hiking- "What a great start to a great morning," said the gentleman.  



I ventured again through TJ's township checking out the beutiful homes surrounded by the fantastic  scenery. I stopped by a chapel built into the middle of the cliff - a sight to behold.


After, I stopped by a coffee shop to watercolor and update my blog. Now I'm on the road again checking out galleries around town and then heading to Santa Fe.

Check out my website for new art on my gallery and stay tuned for my next discovery.